My name is Jenn and
I Christine Royce

--NCR and proud
--asari stan & geth defender
--ghoul rights activist
--AI appreciation station

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"They weren’t warriors. They were American boys who by mere chance of fate had wound up with guns in their hands sneaking up a death-laden street in a strange and shattered city in a faraway country in a driving rain. They were afraid, but it was beyond their power to quit. They had no choice."

The one of the wrong people could be listening.

Who said I was joking?


A concrete relief by Harry op de Laak in the staircase of the Eerste Christelijke LTS (Technical School) Patrimonium, Amsterdam, J.B. Ingwersen, 1952-56. A scan from Een schip aan de Wibautstraat by Jaap-Evert Abrahamse, 1998. View this on the map

Decoupage, a cut-up technique. Take a bit of text, cut it up, randomize it, make new text. See new patterns…

I find it funny that cis men complain about the fact that paternity leave is shorter than maternity leave, yet statistically speaking only 12% of men in this country take paternity leave when it is offered to them.

i just want to know what it was. was it a fight, an affair? if i can identify the trigger, m a y b e … my rational brain tells me, that his relapse was always a risk; for any addict, of course. but his death has blindsided me. and it bothers me … that it b o t h e r s  m e. [..] alistair, was a f r i e n d. one of only a handful. and losing a member of such a  s e l e c t group, has felt quite … s u b s t a n t i a l.

G R A V I T Y (2013)